Permanent exhibition room Béjart Nureyev in Brussels

The “Bejart-Noureev” Exhition in Brussels is definitely worth visiting! Maurice Béjart lived in Brussels for nearly 30 years. One year after his death, in 2008, a Foundation was created in Brussels 49 Rue de la Fourche, where the choreographer had lived, just a stone’s throw from the Grand-Place.

The Béjart-Noureev exhibition room retraces their work on Songs of the Wayfarer and The Rite of Springs. Song of a Wayfarer by Maurice Béjart is one of the most beautiful ballets ever created for the male dancer, set to Mahler’s first song cycle. This work marked Nureyev’s move to the French contemporary repertoire in the early 1970s.

Address :Rue de la Fourche 49, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 347 44 68



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