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Carla Fracci & Rudolf Nureyev

What can we still learn from the life and artistic experiences of two great 20th century dance stars? Carla Fracci and Rudolf Nureyev changed the perception of dance and ballet in Italy and around the world. Their partnership was an explosive event for the Italian theater scene, as we can discover through the testimonies of the protagonists and the Press of the time. The authors, with two different and personal styles, first reconstitute the cultural environment in which this “pas de deux” took place from the ballet scene in post-war Italy, then retrace – in the artistic context of the Fracci-Nureyev duo – the extraordinary individual careers of these two Principal dancers. For the youngest readers, for whom the book is expressly intended, the story represents an opportunity to experience the fervent atmosphere of a period, between the 1960s and 1990s of the twentieth century, when ballet was renewed in a fresh and modern reinterpretation. of the heritage of the 19th century repertoire.

  • Publication date: 02/07/2020
  • Languages: ITALIAN
  • Publisher: Gremese
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