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Rudi’s Choice (Le Choix de Rudi)

November 1961: Soviet Union
It’s not a fit night out for man or beast. But Rudi, 13, is running through the forest to get away from his father, who went to war and never really came back. A father who doesn’t know him.
Rudi’s father wanted a chip off the old block: a good old boy who likes to hunt, and would have a tough, manly job.
But Rudi lives for music and dance. He puts all of his power, strength and intensity into his steps, his pliés and his leaps.
Against all odds, Rudi will write the story of his own life. He’ll make his dream come true, a dream that will take him first to Moscow, then to Leningrad and then the world. He will become the world-famous Rudolf Nureyev…
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  • Publication date: 2015-08-19
  • Languages: French
  • Publisher: Hachette Jeunesse