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Passo a due con Nureyev

This book written by Isabelle d’Isola is made of several short stories whose main character is Nureyev. The brief stories are preceeded by a biography and followed by some observations regarding the meaning of Dance.

The core of this text, unlike a great nummber of books regarding Nureyev’s life and career, is nevertheless composed of stories which are, by their very own nature, fictional, even though they take in great consideration the peculiar, original and extraordinary life of the dancer.

Milanese editor Farina Press, which usually publishes philosphy books, edited the text which has peen presented on May 25th, 2018 at Ascot Hotel.

2018, 100 pages, € 12.00

  • Publication date: 2018
  • Languages: Italian
  • Publisher: Farina Press
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