DANCER’S DREAM – RAYMONDA The Great Ballets of Rudolf Nureyev

As part of the “Great ballets of Nureyev” series, Raymonda is a superb documentary featuring the stars and artists of the Paris Opera. Images from rehearsals in the studio merge seamlessly into shots of rehearsals on stage followed by the public performance itself. Historical references from the creation of Petipa in 1898 are fully explained and illustrated by the Nureyev version in 1983 (with E. Platel, C. Jude and J. Guizerix). This was the first major ballet restaged by Nureyev as director of dance at the opera, designed to take full advantage of the talents of the stars of the day. Includes interviews with various artists from the 1983 version and the remake in 1998.
A documentary you will never tire of watching.