Costumes exhibition from the White Crow movie at the CNCS

In addition to the exhibition “Habiller l’Opéra, costumes et ateliers de l’Opéra de Paris”, the CNCS  displays the costumes from the movie The White Crow.

Permanent space

The Nureyev collection today housed in the CNCS exhibits important pieces of the Rudolf Nureyev heritage: stage costumes illustrating the dancer’s entire career, pieces of furniture, high quality paintings and etchings. It evokes both his professional career and his personal tastes.

Rudolf Nureyev has always attached the greatest importance to the esthetics of the stage and in particular the costumes. As a dancer, he sought to highlight his body wearing a doublet that he evolved little by little and used as the basis for all of his costumes irrespective of the style of the production.

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation has chosen Moulins

Rudolf Nureyev created his foundation in 1975 under the name « The Ballet Promotion Founda­tion ». At the beginning designed to help his family that had remained in the U.S.S.R. it also supported dancers, troops, ballet schools or even the organization of shows. After his death, it became the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation in 1994, keeping the same great missions. Action is also planned in medical, humanitarian and scientific fields. Finally, the dancer had assigned the foundation with the task of creating a place dedicated to his memory.