Social distancing: Stay connected, keep dancing!

Rudolf Nureyev used to say: “If I miss class one day, I notice it. On the second day, the professor notices it. On the third day, the audience notices it”

The quarantine and social distancing could be very damaging on the dancers’s health and physical form. This why dancers, dance teachers, ballet and companies around the world use technology to fight the dangers of this indefinite period of stillness. Here is a list of some online classes and workshops you can follow, whether you are a professional dancer or not.

Take care, stay safe and keep dancing!

Cours de danse d’Arnaud Dreyfus

Cours de danse d’Isabelle Guérin

Cours de danse avec Tamara Rojo – Etoile du English National Ballet

Cours de danse d’Andrey Klemm avec Amandine Albisson

Cours de danse du Dutch National Ballet

Cours de danse de Chelsy Meiss – First Soloist Ballerina of The National Ballet of Canada