Le journal intime de Rudolf Noureev

Dance ran through his veins and he made it his destiny.

Listen to the Podcast of the book read by Lambert Wilson (in French only)

He wanted to be at the top of his art and his determination led him to the Vaganova Academy in the hands of an illustrious teacher, Alexander Pushkin.

His thirst for freedom will lead him to his defection at Le Bourget in 1961. The Nureyev legend was born. Larger than life, he was a shooting star, demanding, perfectionist, faithful, capricious and sometimes arrogant for those who did not know him, who performed on all international stages without ever forgetting his beloved homeland: Russia. He never ceased to flesh out and develop the role and the technique of the “man dancer”, thus restoring his letters of nobility to classical dance.

Marianne Vourch is the producer of Histoires de Musique on France Musique, she is the author of several CD-books for young people, a musical lecturer, author of Les Concerts du mercredi.

She initiated on France Musique the collection of podcasts Le Journal Intime de… whose first series, Le Journal Intime de WA Mozart, read by Nicolas Vaude was a great success, followed by Le Journal Intime de Maria Callas, read by Carole Bouquet, also published by Villanelle.

Rudolf Nureyev’s diary is also a series of podcasts read by Lambert Wilson, and available from March 17 on francemusique.fr and on the Radio France application.