Date: Open all year

The Nureyev collection today housed in the CNCS exhibits important pieces of the Rudolf Nureyev heritage: stage costumes illustrating the dancer’s entire career, pieces of furniture, high quality paintings and etchings. It evokes both his professional career and his personal tastes.

The Nureyev Collection at the CNCS

Insatiable dancer, Rudolf Nureyev (1938-93) traveled around the world to dance on all of the greatest stages. This energy and enthusiasm, characteristic of his career, can also be found in his private life. An insatiable collector, he bought many works of art, paintings, sculptures, etchings, engravings, furniture, exotic textiles and musical instruments to decorate some of the properties he acquired during his travels and according to his desires. A regular visitor to auction houses, antique dealers, shops or souks of all countries, little by little he amassed an incredible collection.

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