Romeo and Juliet – Opéra Bastille

Date: March 19 to April 16 2016

Roméo Juliette Rudolf Nureyev 2016

“Romeo and Juliet is the story of a young boy who becomes a man. As a teenager, he chases after all the girls, but it’s not long before he no longer wants to make do with the beautiful but cold women that he meets, or the platonic love lives they make him lead. He wants to experience stronger feelings. Juliet brings everything to a head for him. She’s passionate, willing, and more mature than he is…
I’m convinced that Renaissance Verona and Elizabethan London, in a society divided between old superstitions and a hunger for the new world, had sex and violence in common; which, oddly enough, links them to our times.” Rudolf Nureyev.

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