The soldier’s tale

Soldier's tale Stravinsky NureyevTHE SOLDIER’S TALE by STRAVINSKY

It was in 1977 that Nureyev recorded the Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky with Guenadi Zalkovitch conducting (Decca record Company, Argo Division, 1977, 33 rpm). The producer followed the tradition of Russian story telling for this recording, entrusting the role of the narrator, or “Babouchka”, to an actress, Glenda Jackson. Michael MacLiammoir plays the Devil. Recorded in stereo, the story teller found herself in the middle of the stage, with the action taking place all around her. Sometimes the soldier and the devil were speaking roles; sometimes the story teller spoke on their behalf, whilst the danced and mimed story continued on stage.

At times, the story teller spoke directly to the soldier. Nureyev recited his lines in English with a heavy Russian accent! The 33 rpm recording is nowhere to be found, and it has not been re-recorded on CD.