1983 – Raymonda

Music : Alexandre Glazounov – Choreography : Ruldof Noureev d’après Marius Petipa – Raymonda was first performed in 1898 at the Maryinksy Theatre in Saint Petersburg

The Choreography of Raymonda

The apotheosis of Marius Petipa’s style, the ballet is a skilful mixture of genres (processions and imposing staging, moment of pure dance, mimed dramatic scenes and folk dances) which doesn’t result in a “collage” of disparate elements, but on the contrary, a harmonious whole.

raymonda rudolf noureev


Raymonda is the first great ballet that Rudolf Nureyev staged in Europe after his flight to the West in 1961. It was in 1964 at the Spoleto Festival in Italy with the London Royal Ballet. After three other versions Rudolf Nureyev staged his definitive version of Raymonda for the opening of the 1983-1984 season of the Paris Opera Ballet, on becoming its director.

For this last version, he chose to follow Petipa’s argument without seeking to make any particular psychological interpretations. He remains faithful to Petipa concerning the variations allotted to the dancers, the pas de deux and Act III. In the first and second acts, he adapted Jean de Brienne’s variations and created a specific variation for Abdelaram which was previously only a mimed role.

Rudolf Nureyev’s choreography and staging along with Nicholas Georgiadis’ flamboyant scenery and costumes and costumes brings a touch of oriental seduction to this fabulous blend of exoticism and history.


After Tchaikovsky’s death in 1893, the director of the Imperial Theatres was looking for a new composer who would be able to work with the french ballet master and choreographer Marius Petipa. He turned to the young Alexander Glazunov, a student of Rimsky-Korsakov. Raymonda was to be his first ballet.


The different versions of the ballet staged by Rudolf Nureyev :

1964 – Royal Ballet, London
1965 – Australian Ballet
1972 – Zurich Opera Ballet
1975 – American Ballet Theatre
1983 – Paris Opera Ballet