Date: July 18 - 23 2022

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation is proud to bring its support to the Rudolf Nureyev Dance Competition in Rimini, Italy.
The third edition will take place from Monday July 18 to Saturday July 23, 2022 at the Amintore Galli Theater, Piazza Cavour, Rimini, Italy. READ MORE

The Rudolf Nureyev Dance Competition in Rimini, created in 2019 in collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini and the support of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, has the first and specific objective of perpetuating the immense choreographic legacy of the most famous dancer of the twentieth century, in adherence to his same statement: “As long my ballets are danced, I will live”.

The Competition selects talented young dancers from the great High Schools and dance clubs all over the world, male and female, between the ages of 15 and 25, who will thus have the opportunity to experience a privileged moment of training and improvement with great Etoiles of the Dance, themselves Rudolf Nureyev’s partners in the past. The competition also intends to facilitate the professional integration of young students, dancers and dancers of all nationalities, whose talent has distinguished itself during the competition.

The mission of the Competition is confirmed – to our great satisfaction – by the letter received from the Korean winner of the First Edition, Yujin Park, who writes that she has conquered the transition from the Conservatory to the National Ballet Company of Korea thanks to the Rimini experience:

“I want to participate the competition again next year, but I passed the Korean National Ballet Company and I am the youngest person who passed this company! I think the reason why I passed this company is because I gained experience in this competition 😀 Sincerely, Yujin Park “.

What makes The Rudolf Nureyev Dance Competition even more special and which strongly differentiates it from other competitions, is the possibility, for students aged 10 and over, to take part, during the five days, in classical and contemporary lessons held by Etoile and professors of the Opéra de Paris and the Conservatoire National and Paris.