A chronology by Marilyn J. La Vine

A chronology of ballet perfomances, conductins schedule, ballet productions and original ballets.

“It was a great privilege for me to be in Rudolf Nureyev’s audience for more than a quarter of a century and a great pleasure knowing him for the last decade of his life.

In the early years of seeing him dance I made the decision to document the work of his extraordinary artist. The collection, exceeding five thousand articles, is housed in The Library of Congress in Washington, DC to be preserved for future generations to research and read.

I am pleased that the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation has commissioned me to compile a chronology of his performances, complementing the collection material.

I offer it in tribute to Nureyev, the enormous range of this artistic accomplishments and to the beauty and magic he brought to the world.”

Marilyn J. La Vine

Chronology – 1945 – 1949
Chronology – 1950 – 1959
Chronology – 1960 – 1969
Chronology – 1970 – 1979

Chronology – 1980 – 1989
Chronology – 1990 – 1992
Chronology – original choreographies

Chronology – Conducting – horchestra
Chronology – Ballet productions

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