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Prix de Lausanne 2017

January 29th - February 5th, 2017

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation is proud to support the “Prix jeune espoir” This prize is offered to a finalist in the 15-16 age category who does not win a scholarship, but shows great potential. It is offered by the Rudolf…

Nureyev Foundation workshop – 44th Prix de Lausanne

31 January - 07 February 2016

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation is proud to present a strength, conditioning and performance workshop for the talented candidates of the 2016 Prix de Lausanne on Sunday, January 31st. It will focus on dancers’ physical skills for physical fitness and technique…

Grand Prix de Paris 2016 – Let’s Dance !

February 13th-14th 2016

The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation brings its support to the first international ballet competition in Paris : Let’s Dance. The aims : 1/ Increase and improve dancers’ exposure and reveal young talents 2/ Attract the attention of theaters company directors and…